ÖAGM/AAPR Workshop 2011

Graz, Austria
May 26-27, 2011

Institute for Information and Communcation Technologies - Machine Vision Applications
June 15, 2010
Picture-Gallery online
June 3, 2010
Proceedings online

Author Information

Paper Submission

Authors are requested to submit full papers. Accepted papers, based on double blind reviews, have to be presented orally or as poster (registration required). Submission and presentation of a similar paper at another international conference is no reason for rejection, but original contributions are preferred.

Papers have to be written in English and must be edited according to the guidelines of the OCG. If you are using the OAGM templates (LaTeX and Word), your paper will comply with these guidelines inherently. The paper length is limited to 8 pages and the camera-ready paper must not contain any page numbers! Papers have to be submitted in PDF file format!

This year all papers will be available electronically thus there are no restrictions regarding color and resolution. Nevertheless it is recommended to check the quality of a printout. When creating PDF files (e.g., using Acrobat Distiller) make sure that the conversion settings are at least at "Print" level or better, otherwise images may suffer from re-compression.

Sample Documents

Instructions and sample files are available for LaTeX and Microsoft Word. Please use the following templates for preparing your document:

Guidelines for Oral Presentation

For the oral presentations a time schedule of 20 minutes is reserved per talk (ca. 17 minutes for talk + 3 minutes for discussion).

Poster Presentation

Posters should be A0 and in upright format. Additionally, 2-3 slides have to be presented in a quick introduction session.